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Office furniture made to measure for you

IVM offers a contract office furniture service that focuses on quality and “made to measure”. All starting from the wide range of office furniture that leave directly from the headquarters of IVM Contract: furniture and furnishings for every need and work space (executive, operational and presidential) completely Made in Italy and designed to meet every request. Each Contract project is followed from start to finish, starting from the design phase up to the supply of office furniture, through the supervision of the construction site and everything that is necessary to create a quality office: plasterboard, flooring, partition walls and equipped walls and much more.


Executive Offices
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Exclusive furnishings with essential geometries and, at the same time, full of personality and quality. The furniture for the most prestigious environments gives any space an elegant and unique soul.

Operating systems
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‘Technical workstations’, flexible and dynamic spaces, clean and elegant shapes but also modern, coloured furniture. The operational furnishings reflect the company’s continuous research and development and have been designed to cater for all needs and tastes.

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The area of reception is the calling card for every company for which the design, attention to detail, style and accurate design and custom become essential to "make their mark".

Intelligent furnishing systems
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A space where productivity blends with creativity, and where the furniture is the extension of an innovative concept that revolutionises the office and makes it “smart”, versatile, multidisciplinary and multifunctional.

Meeting Table
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Conference tables are another key element of the workplace: they must foster productivity and creativity, without compromising comfort, organisation and technology. The IVM conference tables integrate perfectly with all the other office furniture options, with different designs conceived to meet all the requirements of style.

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Seats for every need, from operating to executive chairs for the waiting room. The common denominator is the attention to shapes, lines and design to suit any environment.

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