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IVM Contract is the only partner for public and private companies and professionals who require unique office furniture and furnishings, exclusively Made in Italy, as well as a turnkey service for the connected work: from the floor to the ceiling. Solutions built to suit each customer, without overlooking anything and above all ensuring reliability and competence.

IVM Contract manages the entire project and this means really understanding the customer’s requests, developing the project and if necessary discussing it with the architect, choosing suitable suppliers, meeting financial requirements, supervising worksites, and providing logistics and the after-sales service.

The customer is looked after at all stages, from the first drawings to the end of work, and has to deal only with IVM Contract throughout.

Once the design has been completed, we personally manage and coordinate the work site, the logistics services and provide the correct assistance and accessory work.

We produce and provide all the fittings and furnishings, which permits a wide range of personal touches to ensure a truly bespoke service. In order to optimise the organisation of the work spaces, we make and supply directly:

  • Partition walls and furniture

  • Counter walls

  • Plasterboard walls

  • False ceilings

  • Traditional floors

  • Raised floors

  • Technical flooring

  • Floating floors

  • False ceiling structures

  • Lighting

  • Painting

  • Finishes and customisation

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A people-centred workplace that caters to their needs, their connections, their sense of belonging, their desire to feel more important and happier. A space where productivity blends with creativity, and where the furniture is the extension of an innovative concept that revolutionises the office and makes it “smart”, versatile, multidisciplinary and multifunctional. Design and digital technology come together, ergonomics is essential, and simplicity is perceived with a simple tap on a Smartphone display. So IVM provides innovative solutions that embrace new technologies, the Internet of Things, ergonomics, services, changing needs, wellbeing and comfort, and new experiences for living the office life. Behind all of this is interaction, connection, person-furniture “contact”: concepts that facilitate interaction, offer variable set-ups, resolve organisational issues with the most cutting-edge technology.

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